An Introduction to Aromatherapy

With alternative health care on the rise, more people are turning to such processes as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the art of healing the body, mind and soul, using essential oils. Essential oils are distilled essences extracted from different plants (including flowers and herbs). They are then used in different ways to heal all different types of ailments.

The two main ways in which aromatherapy works are through the nose and through the skin. Through the nose you can inhale scents coming from incense, candles and even directly from essential oils that you have diffused. Inhaling helps with headaches, breathing issues and more. Inhaling is a less quick way of healing for certain ailments though. Through the skin essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream in order to take immediate effect (and because of this some oils are not to be used on the skin). Never ingest essential oils without consulting with a physician first, as some can be poisonous taken that way. Below is a list of just a few symptoms and with them are the essential oils you can use to ease them, including ideas on how to use them. Together with ED treatments from essential oils can be used to improve erection and increase sexual drive in both men and women.


For pleasant relief from your seasonal allergies try a nice cup of chamomile tea before bed. It will not only help you get to sleep but it will also bring down the swelling in your sinuses, which will make you breath easier and maybe even sneeze less. You can also try inhaling eucalyptus, which will also help with clearing up your sinuses. Try burning eucalyptus oil in a special oil burner, or even just a simple eucalyptus candle will do the trick.


Why avoid wearing black when there is a great cure out there for dandruff that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and smell like medicine? Just add some tea tree oil to your shampoo, or even massage it directly into your scalp, and let it soak in for about 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse, or shampoo, it out. Tea tree oil is amazing and can be used for many dry skin related irritations.

Skin Irritations

Use lavender for dry skin, and even on bugs bites and scratches. Mix your natural lavender oil with some Vitamin E oil and grapeseed oil for best results (great for any dry skin problems, both base oils are excellent for moisturizing). Massage the mixture into the affected skin weekly, as needed. It smells great and will work wonders.

Stomach Pains and Upset

the best essential oil for stomach issues is ginger. Mix some ginger oil in with your favorite unscented lotion and massage it into your stomach area that is bothering you most. Ginger rubs even help with those pesky women’s monthly cramps. Also try inhaling peppermint. The scent helps greatly to still nausea.

These are only a few basic ideas for use of some of the more popular essential oils. There are hundreds of essential oils out there and just as many (or more) ways to use them. Two excellent books containing info on aromatherapy and great mixture recipes are The Aromatherapy Bible by Gil Farrer-Halls and Aroma Remedies by Chrissy Wildwood.

Always be sure to consult with a professional before using any alternative health method.