The Connection between Sleeping, Weight, and Health

Sleeping can be assumed as the important process must be done by people in enough dosage. It means that there is the connection between sleeping, the weight of the body, and the health characteristic in whole for one person. Because of that, the sleeping moment becomes something must be noticed for gaining the best result related to the healthy condition found in him. The enough sleeping time can bring into the best management system of the weight in human body.

The connection between sleeping and the weight can be found in leptin. Leptin is the hormone that can manage the dosage of food injected into body. It can decide between needing more food or not. The lack of sleeping time can lowering the Leptin level and of course that then gives the consequence related to the possibility of body reduction. Leptin has same meaning with the word “thin” because of its possibility like that.

Beside of in Leptin hormone, the lack of sleeping also can make the raising level of ghrelin. The ghrelin is the hormone that has the opposite duty from Leptin. Because of that, in the time it is raised, people can get the possibility of having the increasing appetite. That finally can bring into the fat condition as the unhealthy one: the fat condition itself is balanced with the decreasing level of the body metabolic rate. That is the bad condition too.

Then the connection between sleeping and healthy can be found too in melatonin. This one has the function for healing some things in the body. The lack of sleeping can make it more passive and of course that stirs into the unhealthy condition too. In the same time, the condition also can reduce the possibility of insulin appearance in the body. That can bring into the possibility of the appearance of some disorders like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc.

The insulin also can be connected into the weight. Without the enough insulin in their body, people are possible for getting the obesity. That of course can bring into the bad condition too. Sometimes people can reduce the influence by doing the diet, but it will be easier for preventing that by sleeping in enough time. That can be cheaper too to do. So, it can be done that the connection between the sleeping, the weight, and the healthy condition can be assumed as showing the important function of sleeping.