Planting the Habit of Eating Greens Vegetables on Children

Most children dislike greens. Greens are good either for children or adults. There are some samples of greens, such as spinach, lettuce, or collard greens. You can choose greens with leaves because they are very rich in fiber, vitamin, and mineral. The fiber in greens is beneficial for human body because they should not eat again since fiber will keep you full. Besides, the water in the greens is much more than in any food. It makes you can stay away from being hydrated.

We are sure that you know oranges contain vitamin C. Besides oranges in fact, greens with leaves also contain of high level of vitamin C. this can be an alternative besides oranges. The vitamin C is beneficial to make stronger of your bones and teeth. Although we have tried to explain the benefits of eating greens, they would ignore them then. So, children will be picker in choosing meals. They even do not bite the greens even once.

As wise parents, you need to make innovation in cooking. As children cannot and do not want to be forced to follow your rule to eat greens, then just do not force. Every mother will think about the nutrition level of food. So, instead of placing the greens in a late or bowl and the greens are looked just the way they are, we think this cannot attract them even once. So, you need to make changes at home, for example you make juice from greens and fruits.

The second thing is surely to be extra patient as children dislike be forcing or mandating to eat greens. The action of the children might make you angry and sick of it. This is the nature of children that should not be denied. As children are really active to explore, we have to be extra patient to take care of them. This includes the effort to make them smile. Besides, you must be a very good sample for children at home. This is the most effective training for children.

Let us do a fun thing: cooking altogether. Sometimes, children love to be asked to cook something. They can learn to explore with food and the processes to make it. They can learn to try things there that you are prepared. They could try to taste the vegetables if only you put them within the ingredients. By cooking, you ensure that the growing up of your children will be good because they explore their own interests.