Giving The Baby Breast Feeding is Very Important

The information from the research has been done by the National Demographic Health Survey (NDHS) from Nigeria proves that the exclusive breast feeding had been drooping up to 17%. This high dropping percentage is the words rates from the standards where from the research shows that 9% nursing mothers only for first 6 months from some suggestions of the doctors.

From some researcher in United States found that it can be $13.000.000 is saved in every year up to 905 from the mother’s baby feeding for the exclusive baby feeding for about 6 month in the first life. For every 1000 baby who are not give exclusive baby feeding, will be there are 2.033 visiting doctors, there will be 212 days in the hospital and the doctors will give about 609 receipt for the illness which will be happened.

Therefore, the most important for the baby must be getting the baby feeding from the mother for the first six months the baby will be healthy and stronger. Therefore, don’t you think that the baby feeding for your new baby is not important? From the first that the baby feeding is very important in order to give the healthy and strong body for the baby. It has the big influence for the big number of the percentage of the death of people, baby or the old people.

The doctors, the expert Dr. Lanre Phililps in an article and journal of American Medical Journal stated that the people who get the baby feeding from the first six-nine month have the high IQ. Their IQ is higher than someone who does not get the baby feeding less than two or three weeks only. With the biologic, the baby feeding has the nutrition which is needed by the baby to optimize the developing brain, body and the structure and organ.

You have to know when you will be a mother, that your baby is the weakness human where the stomach’ baby is so small and it is also able to get about 12-20mls food. Therefore, baby needs the exclusive milk from the mother about 600ml-1000ml every day. This is the high number of the milk that has to be fulfilled by the mother to her baby. It will help the baby to be stronger, where the nutrition of the baby feeding is what the baby needs to his or her life.

Baby feeding for your baby was born is decreasing the risk of the death about 45% and it also add so many benefits others for their developing body and their developing brain. Baby needs it to get the complete nutrition to survive alive. On the other hand, giving the baby feeding to a baby will give many lessons for woman how should be a good mother.