Say No to Vegetables? Now You Will Say Yes

Vegetables usually become a frightening thing for some people who cannot stand on eating vegetables. They still feel hard to consume it although they know that vegetables are really good for health because of the vitamins and minerals. You will get surprised about this but actually the body of human is not designed to have meats as meals. The digestive tract of human actually is designed for plants or vegetables. Consuming vegetables could give different and longer time to digestive making you full longer.

Consuming meats for regular time makes a warning on the body. This is because meats are hard and difficult to digest that it needs three days. So this is the easy victim for parasites to hatch. This is so awful and scary. When you see a dead animal on the grass, you will see disgustingly upon the dead body. You cannot imagine consuming it without processing the cooking. This is the proof that your body is not designed to consume meats actually but to be a vegan.

Meat is dangerous for the body because it has saturated fats. Besides, this is not cleaner than vegetables. The same is true when you buy organic meat. This is collected from animals which were fed with fresh grass and free of hormones or steroids injection. The hard digestion of meat also needs to be considered because the hard process of it will take up your energy. What is the impact? You will get hungry again and faster than you eat vegetables.

The product from animal, such as dairy, is the worst thing to consume. In dairy, the real nutrition of the cow is reduced because they add chemical things such as antibiotics or steroids. Instead of making you healthy from consuming it, the opposite will be happened. It will ruin the calcium inside your body. Besides, this is high in fat level. Fats are needed by human body to warm and give energy. But the too high fats will lead you to diseases.

By consuming vegetables, you can find many foods that contain vitamins and minerals that are very needed by human body. In the vegan diet, the protein that is needed by the body is only 10%. For those who want to make muscle, the diet on protein is good. By only consuming 5% of protein, this can result well in your muscle. Consuming the vegetables, especially the raw ones, will give you full energy because the nutrition is still rich and pure.